Nike Proof Rollout
Helping increase adoption of a consistent creative approval tool across Nike Brand studios.

As part of Nike's Brand Marketing Technology team, my role is to help teams in Nike Brand to use tools and processes in a consistent manner. One big need for teams producing digital assets is the ability to perform creative reviews and approvals in a centralized place where editors and approvers could collaborate. Our team conducted user interviews with many Nike Brand teams to get an understanding of their current tools and processes around creative approval. We then evaluated the various creative approval tools on the market to see if they aligned with our user's requirements. We landed on a tool called Workfront Proof because it had a robust set of review and approval tools and workflows already built in, and many of our teams were already using it in some capacity. Plus, we already had an established business relationship with Workfront, having rolled out their project management tool to our teams previously. This helped quite a bit with procurement and security vetting.

I took ownership over turning Workfront Proof into a tool that would be used across all of the Nike Brand teams. This meant being the point person that any team would reach out to if they wanted to start using the tool, or to get training. This also meant that I had to become an expert not only in Workfront Proof, but in how Nike Brand teams conducted creative reviews so I could help our trainers come up with training materials that suited the needs of each team. I was also the point of contact between my team and Workfront, holding monthly meetings and maintaining a relationship so I could propose feature requests based on our use cases.

Nike Proof Dashboard

A view of the logged in dashboard for Nike Proof. We decided to rebrand Workfront Proof to help with adoption. Other parts of the UI were also configured to align with the org structure for each team. For example, the folder structure on the left has a folder for each function within Nike's APLA organization.

Training Materials

An example of a slide from a training deck used when training users on Nike Proof. I worked closely with our training team to produce content that aligned to the use cases of the teams being trained. This meant adapting their workflows to Nike Proof workflows and capturing screens for those workflows in the tool.

Training Materials

One of the teams we rolled out Nike Proof to wanted the ability to leverage Nike's SSO solution, OKTA, to make the login experience quicker and more secure. I worked with my Nike Security and Workfront contacts to configure SSO in the tool, and to document the process of adding users to the security group created for Nike Proof in Nike's Active Directory. I created a deck that showed, step by step, how to do this that would be handed off to a user on the team who was designated as a Nike Proof administrator.


An important part of the onboarding experience is to leave users with something fun and useful behind. I created an email address that users could use if they had any questions about the tool. Then I designed a badge that incorporated the support email address with catchy wording and imagery. Since these were going to our users in the APLA geography, I chose an asset they produced and incorporated a magnifying glass to associate it with the idea of reviewing and approvals. Finally, I had them printed up and laminated onsite at Nike, then attached lanyards to them.