Symantec PKI Manager
Symantec's digital certificate solution for small to medium sized businesses who need information security that's easy to use.

What is Symantec PKI Manager?

Symantec PKI Manager is a web based application that gives small to medium sized businesses access to a full PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) experience for managing digital certificates and users. It started out as an enterprise level suite of tools created by VeriSign in the 1990's, that required a lot of overhead and VeriSign support to implement and maintain. Around 2008 the decision was made to put all of these tools under one application and to make the experience of implementing and supporting it so streamlined and user friendly that it would appeal to companies that needed an information security platform, but could not afford the existing solution. During the initial design phase, my group was acquired by Symantec and the project continued under their ownership.

My Role

I was an interaction designer on an internal UX team at VeriSign when this project started. For the better part of the first year, I worked closely with our UX lead and visual UI designer to conduct UX research to better understand the technology and users. I participated in numerous user interviews, producing user flow diagrams based on my notes. I also helped created personas based on our user research.

After our initial burst of user research, my role was to figure out how these flows could be recreated within a UI system. I then created wireframes to help our visual designer develop the look and feel of the UI, which I then used to create working prototypes that we used for stakeholder reviews and approvals. After sign off, I created UI specifications and worked closely with our development team to implement the features. Eventually, I also owned all of the visual UI design as part of my responsibilities.

PKI Manager Dashboard

Initial sketch and wireframe for dashboard view of PKI Manager. After spending numerous hours performing user research we were able to identify what information would be the most valuable to display on the dashboard.

PKI Manager Dashboard

Finished view of the PKI Manager dashboard with the final UI applied. I helped develop the visual style of the application, then eventually took it over completely.

Manage Users

Any user in an organization that was assigned a digital certificate would be added to the system. Admins needed the ability to search for users, view what digital certificates were assigned to them, and perform actions like enrolling the user for more certificates or managing existing certificates on behalf of the user.

Manage Certificates

Any digital certificate issued from PKI Manager would be searchable in the system so an admin could find and perform actions on them. In this view, the admin is selecting a certificate profile during the process of creating a digital certificate for an end user. The certificate profile determined the type of certificate being issued. The admin could view the relative strength of security versus ease of use for each certificate profile to help them create a digital certificate appropriate for the level of security for the end user's use case.

Iconography Design

Some examples of icons I designed for PKI Manager.