Symantec PKI Client
End user facing client for self-serve digital certificate lifecycle management.

In addition to the more admin-focused PKI Manager, end users would also have a certificate management client installed on their computer. The PKI Client would alert users to certificate lifecycle events, such as approaching expiration, then give the user the ability to take action in the client. Considering the average end user is not a PKI expert, and would only see the PKI client a couple of times a year, we had to dial in the user experience to make it as user friendly as possible. For example, instead of listing the different security devices that store digital certificates, I created iconographic representations of those devices to make it easier for users to know which to select.

Initial Design Work on the PKI Client

Examples of sketches and wireframes I created when beginning the design process.

PKI Client Default View

The default view of PKI Client after designs were fully implemented. The user is prompted to select the device where the digital certificate they want to manage resides.

PKI Client Certificate Management View

After the user has selected their security device, they are presented with options on actions to take on the digital certificate. Since the end users for this weren't always technologically savvy, this process has to be as intuitive as possible, hence using visual representations of their security devices and very clear, human, language.