John Beckwith UI/UX Designer
Nike Crate
UX and UI design for Nike Brand Marketing's digital asset management tool.

More Nike Work

Crate Style Guide

Get a look at the style guide I developed for Nike's DAM, Crate.

Crate Design Process

Go inside the design process I used while working on Crate.

Nike Proof

Rolling out the Proof HQ creative review and approval tool to Nike Brand Marketing teams.

Symantec PKI Manager
Symantec's digital certificate solution for small to medium sized businesses who need information security that's easy to use.

More Symantec Work

Symantec PKI Client

The design of a desktop client that allows end users to manage their digital certificates.

Template Redesign

A look at the process of rearchitecting the entire application template to improve UX.

Symantec PKI UX Process

The year long UX process my team undertook to learn about the technology and the users.

HP Instant Ink
Hewlett - Packard's ink delivery service.

More HP Work

HP Instant Ink Mobile Enrollment

Recreating the Instant Ink enrollment process for the HP All-in-One Remote app.

HP All-in-One Remote App Printer Setup

Designing the printer setup for Android and iOS devices in the HP All-in-One Remote app.

Instant Ink Usability Testing & Analytics

An overview of the usability testing and analytics I performed for HP Instant Ink.